About Us

Polextra is an idea by the Zone 2 command which comprises of Lagos and Ogun state police commands to create an interaction between the police and the Youth

Why Polextra?

Crime statics reveals that that higher percentage of the Youth has taken to social vices such cultism, internet fraud and other drug related offences, hence majority of the Youth end up behind bars.

This portends great danger to the society and its sustainable existence. The police rather than been reactive has decided to be proactive by using the entertainment sector to educate and enlighten them while still advocating and advising them to shun social vices.


  • To eradicate social vices such as cultism, internet fraud, drug addiction and dealings
  • To develop positive mental capacity among the youth
  • To enhance career development of the Youth

Target Group

  • Primary pupils/ secondary school students within Lagos
  • The Undergraduate
  • Other youths


Our duty revolves around the different perceptions that Nigerians have of the Nigeria Police. By managing, controlling or influencing these perceptions, we have to initiate a sequence of behaviours that will lead to  the achievement of Nigeria Police objective.

To achieve our objective, the Nigeria Police will continually improve the public’s perception on community safety through community policing/public partnership and youth engagement in order to eradicate criminal acts and any other social ills and vices that are detrimental to public safety .

The Zone 2 police command intends to accomplish this with the sensitization program “POLEXTRA” designed for the youth.



Providing adequate Security for lives and property through highest level of professionalism by conforming with international best practice.